students and teachers embarking on a tree planting exercise

Pure City International School plants trees to support ‘Green Ghana’ Initiative

Pure City International School organized a tree planting exercise as part of its contribution to the ‘Green Ghana’  government initiative, an activity that was attended by pupils, students and staff of the school.

Mr. Noble Precious Senafiawo, director of the school, reminded everyone present how trees are important for our survival. We need trees for clean air to breathe, therefore, everyone must contribute to grow and keep trees safe. Mr. Senafiawo ended his speech with a little planting demonstration with a plastic bottle as a make-do nursery.

Students being guided through the exercise.
Everyone must touch. Our young friend is leading the way in planting
All of them are doing their bit to contribute to a green Ghana and a green world

The exercise started with preschool and lower primary learners. With their teacher’s guide, each child had a turn to fill plastic bottles  which had a plant in it with soil. After sprinkling it with water, the bottles are stored in the wooden shelves provided.

Upper primary pupils and JHS students’ learning process was however, more detailed. Under the supervision of staff, they were taught how to cut plastic bottles for the baby plants, shown the type of soil to use, and the quantity of water per day- so that they don’t drown the plants, and the right amount of sunlight.

When planting in pots, it is important to place stones on top of the hole provided at the bottom of the pot before filling it with soil, if not, the hole will be blocked and water remaining in the soil can kill the plant. Everyone was encouraged to ask questions as the students moved on to planting in the soil.

These two students are giving the plant life by watering it.
Both staff and students were actively involved.

After spending the day doing the exercise, and seeing how happily everyone joined in the activities, it is safe to say everyone left inspired and with a new sense of responsibility and knowledge on how to improve and care for the environment. 

As the director of the school will say, ‘it was an innovative experience at Pure City International School’.

By: PCIS Communication

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