About Us

About Us

PCIS is a model for many. From its humbling beginning, it counts as one of the top and most respected schools in the area. We did not get there by the twiat of a magic wand. It has been the sweat and toil of all the stakeholders most especially the staff, both past and present who on countless occasions sacrificed their comfort to build this great institution we all pride ourselves of today…..

Precious Kweku Senafiawo,
Our Mission​

Our mission is to provide an excellent teaching and learning environment that will enable the child to be confident and innovative in society to establish values that will allow them to act thoughtfully and responsible in all their actions. We steadily make every effort to have our parents, teachers and community members actively involve in our students learning.

Our Visision
We seek to be a world class school, providing an excellent academic environment beneficial to people of all kinds of cultural background.
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Great Experience - Enormous Impact


A brief of our journey here.


Pure City International School, PCIS was established in September 2012. It began its operation in the said period with a total pupil population of eight (8). It had two teaching and two non-teaching staff members. It was in a portable structure with three classrooms and an office.

Having the zeal to expand and grow, attention was given to the infrastructure of the school. In early 2013, the foundation for a two-storey building was laid. By the end of the year, the structure was completed to make room for pupils. In nid-2014, plans were far advanced for further expansion.



An extension of the two-storey building was made at one end of the initial building. This created more classrooms and offices for both pupils and staff. To facilitate effective teaching and learning in a much more practical sense, an ultra-modern computer laboratory fully equipped with computers and internet connectivity was commissioned. This was followed by a well-resourced science laboratory for students to undertake practical, paving way for a better understanding of the theoretic aspects of science. The school is also endowed with a well stocked library with e-learning materials.

With the above set in place, much attention was now given to academic. In June 2016, the school presented its first candidates to take the Basic Eduation Certificate Examination (BECE). The outcome was excellent. The second batch of candidates took the examination in June 2017 and the results were outstanding. Since then, it had always been success, making it one of the school’s hallmarks.

Management of the school decided to reach out to parents and pupils outside the community within which the school operates. In light of this, the school shuttle service was introduced. This has created much comfort for parents and pupils who are at distance not closer to the school. The construction of a boarding facility was started in late 2016 and completed in mid-2017. That was for most parents. Today, there is a comfortable boarding facility to house pupils in a much more educationally friendly environment.

Years of Experience