A trans-generational thinker once said that you will need the fire of motivation burning inside of you in order to be the best in academics.

Today was about fire at Pure City. The real fire and not the metaphorical one the T-thinker was talking about. Firefighters visited the school and their purpose was to teach students about fire, what to do in a fire outbreak and how to prevent spreading it. Before their visit ended, students were well-educated about fire.

Is your first response in a fire outbreak to grab a bucket of water or look for a beater to try put it out? You should know that it is wrong to do so.

Firefighter Raymond talked of fire being grouped into A (solid), B (liquid), C (gaseous) and D (metallic or electricity) because all fires are not the same. It is made up of fuel (such as petroleum, building, chair etc.), oxygen and heat. Knowing that fires are different therefore, prevents one from using a method that can either worsen the fire or cause harm to the person trying to put it out.

Nhyira Ampadu at far right.

During the interaction, students were encouraged to ask questions. One particular question however, got teachers and students clapping in pride: ‘’why is it that when there is a fire, the firefighters always delay to respond?’’ Asked Nhyira Ampadu in basic two. To which firefighter Raymond responded: “it is difficult for firefighters to reach locations on time due to poor road networks and unmarked streets”. Other questions were asked and answered accordingly.

Following the interaction was the demonstration. Students and teachers were allowed to try putting out the fire using the different methods.

Facts to note: fire can be put out using fire extinguishers (either a CO2 {Carbon dioxide} type or the chemical {powdered} type). Blanketing is another method (using a soaked heavy rag) and then using sand.  

Caution: Stand firm when handling an extinguisher, aim, and pull out the safety, squeeze, and sweep the burning surface. DO NOT use the powdered extinguisher in the kitchen because it contains a food poisoning chemical. The heavy water-soaked rag should be used to completely cover the burning surface from the opposite direction of the smoke. DO NOT throw the rag. Uncover the surface from the direction of the smoke. Apply force when using the sand to hit the surface until the fire goes out.

After the demonstration, staff and students thanked the firefighters and bid them farewell with the fire service chant: Fire! Conquer!!! Fire! Safety!!!

It was an overall exciting experience that the school will not forget anytime soon.


10TH MAY, 2022.

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