Editorial Board

Editorial Board

Our inspirational young men and women who have dedicated themselves to making students events and activities become news.

They are selfless, dedicated to duty, passionate about making news of students events and campus activities. Each of these young talents spends invaluable amount of time shuffling through scripts presented by their colleagues in order to edit them and let them be published here.

Meet them and get to know a bit about them here and don’t forget to say a big ‘Hi’ to them if you liked their work by leaving a comment under the articles in the blog section of this portal.

Yaa Asantewa


Yaa is a strong personality with great….

Kofi Sena

Club News Editor

Kofi Sena is your type of Editor who goes to the production site with you. He is always ever ready to assist writers with top content ideas…

Rudy Ntiamoah

Poems Editor

Artistic! That is who young Rudy is known here on campus. He makes poetry look more …

Max Mensah

Short Stories Editor

Maxmens as he is popularly referred to hi the handy guy that gets all the students short stories sorted out neatly for you to enjoy on this portal…